Southampton Reptile is the south coasts premier exotics specialist. Situated in Bitterne, Southampton we are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates and all associated hardware for their captive care. Here at Southampton Reptile the captive husbandry of exotic animals is more than a hobby, it is a passion.

We have taken a fresh innovative approach to the keeping of exotic pets, and to reptile shops in general. Reflected in this, is our dedication to achieving the highest standards of animal welfare, this is evident in the cleanliness and hygiene of our enclosures both on and off show and the obvious superior quality of our livestock.

In addition to this we are avid supporters of developing and cutting edge technologies within the industry, and we are obviously keen to promote the evolution of captive husbandry techniques in tandem with advancements in the equipment available to us as keepers.